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Architectural Plans, Code Plans, and Exit plans for...

Architectural Services

With thousands of architects in America, you'd think it'd be easy to find design services that an everyday person can afford. But it just doesn't work that way, and we get it, design takes time, and time is money. But by specializing in a small range of project types, we can speed up the design process, giving you a better building for a lower cost.


Do you need simple and affordable architectural services?

Finding an architect is easy, there are thousands of them all over the country, but finding the RIGHT architect is not easy, you may need one with special knowledge, someone who can design on a budget, who can provide design services that every day people can afford, or who you can trust to be honest with you so that your project is a success. National Code Plans is not looking for any kind of project, we work on a small range of project types so that we can provide the best service possible to you, and at the lowest price. Most jobs are not for us, but for those that are, we do them well!

Taking Care of Plants

I have a small project, why can't I find an architect who will design my project affordably?

At National Code Plans, our entire business is geared towards providing the most basic of design services for the lowest possible price because most other architects are not interested in doing so. Other architects and firms are always trying to figure out how to charge the most fee they can and still get the job. We don't work that way, we understand that every jurisdiction requires that all projects have the most basic of architectural design, and that you should not be held hostage by high design fee's for a simple job that may only take a few hours to a few days of work.

Here's the truth on why you've been given expensive proposals from other firms. Architectural firms are businesses who are looking to make as much money as possible, and to do so, they usually go after work for jobs as big as they can handle, and hope to get a 6% fee of the construction cost. These firms can make a lot of profit off these jobs, and the people who bring in this work and make these profits get promoted and made partners. The person in the firm who takes on small projects paying one or two thousand dollars doesn't get promoted, and the firm claims that they can't make a profit at that price, so instead of charging you a fair and reasonable price for your small project, they instead increase that fee to as much as they think they can that you might still pay for, and knowing that you HAVE to have a plan to get a permit, they know there's a good chance you'll accept it. These firms truly don't want your work, they know you have to have an architect, but to them, small projects are a profitless waste of time that aren't worth their effort. National Code Plans isn't interested in doing business this way, our goal is to give you exactly what you need for as low as cost as possible. We don't want one big project with a big fee, we want 10 small projects with small fee's. Check around, what other architects are promoting low fee's? Go ahead and ask a local firm for a proposal, then come see how low our prices are.

What if I have a larger project, can you still help me?

While National Code Plans focus is on smaller projects, we have worked with clients who appreciate our honesty and value our expertise, to help them assemble a much larger design team to tackle medium to large size projects. Larger projects can get complicated in a hurry, and can require more face to face meetings, or on-site construction visits. National Code Plans can help you save money by providing schematic design services to layout your building and determine a plan for your project. Once we have a plan, we'll find a local architect who can provide those hands on, on-site services that your project requires to be successful. And when we partner with these other architects, we work for you, acting as an owners agent, reviewing the design teams plans, their fee, and keeping them honest and on schedule. What better way to navigate a complex project when your agent and advisor is an architect who know how other architects operate?

The Process

Colleagues Working Together


Initial Consultation

Contact National Code Plans as soon as you can to discuss your project, even before you buy a home or building for your business. We can help you understand the rules, what to look for in a property, and everything else you need to know for licensure related to the building.


Measure the Building

Once you have a building or site, we'll send a representative from National Code Plans to you to measure and sketch up the building. If you have a plan, we can work with that too.


Draw the Code Plan

Once we have a plan, we'll draw up the building and add all of the code information. If you're doing remodel work, we'll prepare demolition and remodel plans so you have a full set of drawings for permits, bids, and licensure.

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