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Architectural Plans, Code Plans, and Exit plans for...

Business or Religious Code Plans

Every construction project needs a code plan, and not just for new construction, but for remodels too. National Code Plans specializes in providing affordable code plans prepared as quickly as possible so that you can get your permit soon.


I am a Church, why do I need a code plan?

Every church has a responsibility to it's staff and congregation to make sure that the building is safe and accessible for all. Church's are an assembly space and are often located in old or historical buildings that were built in another era before there were building codes. These buildings have remained in use far longer than others, and have had less money to update them as times change. When the time does come to make some changes, add on, remodel, or do any other project, it's also time to do a code plan check to identify the potential liabilities and fix them. A code plan gives you peace of mind that your congregation will continue to thrive in a safe environment.

Taking Care of Plants

When do I need a Code Plan?

Nearly every business needs a code plan, there are few times when they do not. All new construction needs a code plan, and any remodel project needs one too. This proves to the plan review authorities that the project meets safety guidelines. Just about every imaginable project type needs a code plan, even a shade over a restaurant patio!

The few times a business won't need to prepare a code plan would be for a tenant moving into a preconstructed tenant space like a strip mall. If that tenant moves or adds walls or doors, then a code plan is automatically required. But if they just take over the space and fill it with merchandise, they won't need one. There are times when a project can be outside of town where the county who has jurisdiction over the area may not require a code plan, but often times even these buildings do.

Is a code plan just about fire safety?

Fire safety is an important part of code plans, and the majority of the information on a code footprint will be related to fire safety. But code plans can be so much more, modern code plans show that the building and site is also accessible for individuals with disabilities, and show compliance with Federal ADA Regulations.

The Process

Colleagues Working Together


Initial Consultation

Contact National Code Plans as soon as you can to discuss your project, even before you buy a home or building for your business. We can help you understand the rules, what to look for in a property, and everything else you need to know for licensure related to the building.


Measure the Building

Once you have a building or site, we'll send a representative from National Code Plans to you to measure and sketch up the building. If you have a plan, we can work with that too.


Draw the Code Plan

Once we have a plan, we'll draw up the building and add all of the code information. If you're doing remodel work, we'll prepare demolition and remodel plans so you have a full set of drawings for permits, bids, and licensure.

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