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National Code Plans

What kind of architectural plan or code plan do you need?

What is a Code Plan, also known as a Code Footprint?

A code plan, also called a code footprint, is a simplified plan of a building that shows all of the life safety information for the building, this includes things like the number of occupants for a rooms, the exit pathways, widths of doors, fire alarms and smoke detector locations, fire extinguishers, exit signs, and any other equipment that help detect, or extinguish fires. Code plans are more than just a building plan, there is often a whole sheet of technical analysis and information about the building, as well as a site plan showing the location of the building, fire department access for trucks, and where the nearest fire hydrants are located.

Who Needs a Code Plan?

Code plans are required for new and remodel construction projects, it's how the authorities know that the building was designed in a safe and responsible manner. However, there are many building types where a code plan is extra important, and may have one or more authorities that review the code plans for any type of work. For example, daycares, group homes, and healthcare facilities are often under the authority of various state agencies, and you cannot get licensed for a new business, or make changes to an existing one, without providing a code plan showing the building is safe. Other buildings may only be under the jurisdiction of local building departments, like the city or county, they also review code plans for everyday businesses, churches, and other buildings.

Is the Code Plan the same thing as an Exit Plan, also known as an Egress Plan?

No, a code plan has a lot of technical life safety information, things that Fire Marshals or other professionals are looking for to learn about the building. An exit plan is a very simple floor plan of the building that shows the rooms, doorways, stairs, and exits, and shows the fastest route from anywhere in the building to the nearest exit, safe area, or safety feature. Some businesses are required to post up exit plans throughout the building for the residents or occupants. Have you ever noticed that the door in a hotel room always has an exit plan posted on the back of the door, so in an emergency, you know where to go to safely get out of the building. If you don't need a code plan but need an exit plan, see the link on this page for where you can get a professional exit plan.


National Code Plans is a multi-state Architectural Firm, we continue to add states to the growing list of states we are licensed to work in. Obtaining an Architects license in each state can be a process of several months, so we are working our way through that now. If your state is not listed, and you need our help, contact us and we can see about getting licensed in your state as soon as possible.

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